Current Funds

Hundreds of individuals, families, companies and organizations have created a charitable legacy by establishing a fund at the Saginaw Community Foundation. The foundation is honored to serve as the steward of these gifts. Below is a current list of endowed funds held here at Saginaw Community Foundation. For additional information regarding a specific fund listed below, contact Reneé Johnston at or call (989) 755-0545.


To make a contribution to any of the funds listed below, visit our donation page.


Art in Public Places
Arthur Hill High School Alumni Fund

Arthur Hill High School Scholarship Fund
The Rev. William D. Aldridge, Sr. Scholarship Fund
Nels Andersen Scholarship Fund
Nick Andros Music Scholarship Fund
Betsey G. Arnold Fund
ARTreach Fund – City
ARTreach Fund
Arthur H. Webster Fund
At-Risk Youth Fund



Boys & Girls Club Endowment Fund
Backpack Buddies
Balcueva Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gary K. Barker Science Scholarship Fund
Bridge Center for Racial Harmony Endowment Fund
Lou & Tom Beffrey Fund
Bethel A.M.E Church Scholarship Fund
Bierlein Family Diabetes Fund
Gary R. Bierlein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Saginaw Bay Area Endowment Fund
Bishop Ken Leadership Saginaw Scholarship
Bliss Park Fund
Ruth and Ted Braun Fellowship Program Fund
Bridge the Gap
Charles F. & Edith E. Brunkow Scholarship Fund

Louise Eaton Buck Art Scholarship Fund
Thomas Burkhart Scholarship Fund



Chesaning Area Community Foundation
Child Abuse & Neglect Council Endowment Fund
Can-Amera Games
Celebration Square Carousel Endowment Fund
Cemetery Capital Improvement Fund

Case Family Scholarship Fund
Carrollton Education Foundation Fund
Carrollton Education Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund
Chesaning Fund
Chesaning Riverboat Playscape Endowment Fund
Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square Endowment Fund
Circle Michigan Foundation
Citizen’s Bank Corporate Advised Fund
Citizens Bank Neighborhood Revitalization Fund
Cohen Leadership Scholarship
Kara Susan Kaltenbach Conlan Scholarship
Dr. Louis & Karen Constan Fund
Robert R. & Naomi T. Cook Scholarship Fund
Donald Stuart Corsaut Memorial Scholarship
Cosby Watson Nursing Scholarship Fund
Mick Cottrell & Carol B. Cottrell Fireworks Fund
Mick Cottrell & Carol B. Cottrell Fund
Larry A. Coulouris Memorial Scholarship



Anna Dorr Cresswell Memorial Fund
City Rescue Mission Endowment Fund
Cornerstone – Property Fund
Lucy R. Allen Cornerstone Fund
Charlotte J. Damuth Gift Annuity
Damuth Family Fund
Nancy Claramunt Dance Foundation Fund
Clifford E. Davis Youth Leadership Fund
C. Beach Day
Thomas & Margaret Cavanaugh Day & Children
Vincent A. Knoll Durable Device Fund
Doctors’ Health Fund
Carol A. Doman-Wilder Scholarship Fund
Audrey Douglas Charitable Gift Annuity
Douglas Family Scholarship Fund
Dow Corning Foundation Donor Advised
Jordan M. Draper Memorial Scholarship Fund
Emily Anne Dressler Memorial Scholarship
Mary Elizabeth Dudek Swimming Fund
Scott Durand Memorial Foundation Fund
Deindorfer Woods Fund



Leo C. Eckenswiller Trust Fund
Elizabeth Eddy Fund
Edward and Erna Ederer Memorial Animal Care Center Fund
Edward and Erna Ederer Memorial Covenant Healthcare Fund
Edward & Erna Ederer Memorial Historical Society of Saginaw County Fund
Edward and Erna Ederer Memorial Thomas Township Library Fund
The Edward & Erna Ederer Family Foundation Fund
Edward and Erna Ederer Memorial Thomas Township Public Safety Fund
Edward and Erna Ederer Memorial Delta College Public Television Fund
Edward and Erna Ederer Memorial Saginaw Children’s Zoo Fund
Mike & Linda Elliott Fund
Energy Initiative Fund
Christopher T. Erskine Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary J. Ewing Scholarship Fund



Field Neurosciences Institute Endowment Fund
E.C. Fisher Scholarship Fund
Fisher Family Foundation

Flegenheimer Family Foundation Fund
Patrick Flynn Memorial Fund
Louise Forbes Memorial Fund
Fordney Club of Saginaw County Donor Advised Fund
Jane Fowle Endowment Fund
Frankenmuth Area AAUW Scholarship
Frankenmuth Community Foundation Fund
Frankenmuth Historical Museum Endowment Fund
Freeland SportsZone Trades Scholarship

William & Cordula Freese Scholarship Fund
Rose M Mudd Farmer’s Market Fund



James & Anne Marks-Gaertner Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
Bobbi J. Galarno Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michael Gall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joe H. & Roseanne S. Gardner Scholarship Fund
Mary Ellen Gase Scholarship Fund
Sally A. George Scholarship Fund
Dr. Foster B. Gibbs Scholarship Fund
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Fund
John and Florence Goll Memorial Scholarship
Guadalupe “Lupe” Gomez Scholarship Fund

Great Lakes Safety Training Center Endowed Scholarship
Green Point Nature Center Endowment Fund
Grams Memorial Library Fund
Great Lakes Bay Miracle League Endowment Fund
Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail

Milton L. Greenebaum Scholarship Fund
Bob & Betty Grills Fund




Ruth Regina Halcli Fund
David & Jacqueline Hall Fund
Handley School Foundation Fund
Ruth Mitchell Hanson Scholarship Fund
Frank & Jean Harris Scholarship

Hartley Outdoor Education Foundation Agency Fund
Hartley Outdoor Education Foundation Fund
Hartley Foundation Special Education Fund
Healthy Community Partners

Robert M. & Emily S. Heavenrich Fund
Hemlock Semiconductor Hemlock Site Fund

Pat Hendrick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Heritage Academic Boosters Scholarship Fund
Herlihy-Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund
Heroes for Kids Endowment Fund
Hidden Harvest Endowment Fund
Dr. Roy A. Hills Endowment Fund
Carrie B. Hines Endowment Scholarship
Historical Society of Saginaw County Agency Endowment Fund
Historical Society of Saginaw County Endowment Fund
Healthy Youth & Healthy Seniors Endowment Fund
Joe Hodson Scholarship Fund
Holland Scholarship Fund
Elmer L. Huebner Fund
Judith Heavenrich Scholarship Fund
Harvest Home Agency Endowment Fund
Harvest Home Endowment Fund
HealthPlus of Michigan Rainbow Fund



Clarence A. “Buck” Iles Scholarship
Iles Family Scholarship
Indian and Pakistani Friendship Fund
Aarol W. & Elaine M. Irish Family Foundation Fund
Fred A. Ittner Scholarship Fund



Jennifer L. Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Junior League of Saginaw Valley Agency Endowment Fund
Junior League of Saginaw Valley Endowment Fund
Junior League of Saginaw Valley Scholarship Fund
Jack B. Jonker Saginaw Choral Society Fund
Ashton B. Joseph Scholarship Fund
Jump Fresh Youth Academy
Junior Achievement Endowment Fund



Dr. Roger N. Kahn Fund
Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship Fund
K.P. Karunakaran Family Foundation Fund
Mildred Culbert Kelly & Fred W. Kelly Fund
William & Helen Kempf Music Scholarship
Kennett Women’s Fund
King Family Fund
Kittur Rani Channamma School Cultural Exchange Program Fund
Ruth P. Knoll Gift Annuity
Alan H. Knoll Gift Annuity
Kochville Township Parks and Recreation Maintenance Fund
James P. Konieczka Memorial Scholarship
Val R. Kostrzewa Music Scholarship
Kostrzewa/Sivey Educational Fund
Val & Julie Kostrzewa Memorial Scholarship
Steven Kyle Kowalewski Memorial Scholarship
Kresge Community Partner Fund
Kresge Community Match Fund
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Krohn Fund
Tom Krzyzaniak Scholarship Fund
Dr. Brian D. Kubczak Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Chum & Phyllis Kuehn Fund



Larry Laeding Scholarship Fund
Legacy Civic Fund
Lendell J. Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund
Our Littlest Angels Fund




Kenneth H. MacDonald, Sr. Broadcasting Scholarship Fund
Gene & Donna Mallak Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth G. Marks Fund
Henry G. Marsh-Saginaw Habitat for Humanity Fund
K. Lucille & James Martineau Family Fund
Harry E. Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund
James W. Marx, Eleanor A. Marx & James T. Marx Endowment Fund
Judith A. Marx Endowment Fund
Dr. William G. Mason Endowment Fund
Glenn Mayer Memorial Fund

Heather & Shannon Mayes Scholarship Fund
Ken & Ellen McAllister Scholarship Fund
Judge Gary R. McDonald Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joana D. McKeoun Memorial Scholarship
Edward & Donna McKinley Family Fund
Lee Essie McMillan Scholarship Fund
Lulah C. McMullen & Family Endowment Fund
McNally Hospitality House Endowment Fund
A.C. “Kate” & Leo Joseph Merlone Scholarship Fund
Greater Merrill Area Community Fund
Meyer-Simon Latin Scholarship Fund
Michigan’s Own Agency Endowment Fund
Michigan’s Own Endowment Fund
Michigan State University Alumni Assoc. of Saginaw County
Martin Luther King Regional Scholarship
Donald R. McGee Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michigan Lutheran Seminary
Michigan Sugar Company Employee Scholarship Fund

Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum Endowment Fund
Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum Agency Endowment Fund
Miss Saginaw County Scholarship Pageant
MLive/The Saginaw News Scholarship Fund

Karen (Basner) Vayre Moll Memorial Scholarship
Morley Travel Scholarship Fund
Mridha Foundation Teacher of the Year Endowment Fund
Mudd Family Historic Preservation Fund
Dr. Charles E. Mueller Scholarship Fund


Bernice Barlow NAACP Scholarship Fund
National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors Saginaw Fund
Virginia & Don Nash Fund
Neighborhood Revitalization Fund
Nexteer Community Improvement Fund
Nexteer Education Fund
Nexteer First STEM Fund

Nexteer Scholarship Fund
Nexteer Skilled Trade Scholarship

Nexteer Steering the Future Fund
Next Generation CARES Fund
Elbert Curtiss & Margaret Nienstedt Fisher Scholarship Fund
Gene & Shirley Nuckolls Scholarship Fund



Optimist Club of Saginaw “Officer Ed” Nowaczyk Scholarship Fund
Opportunities Industrialization Center of Metropolitan Saginaw, Inc. Endowment Fund
John & Marian Olfer Fund
Dr. Raquel Ontiveros Memorial Scholarship Fund
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Scholarship Fund
Optimist Club of Saginaw Youth Chorale Fund
Marjorie A. Orr Scholarship Fund

Thomas P. Orr Scholarship Fund



Margaret L. Palmer Scholarship Fund
Maria Elizabeth Paquette Eternal Memorial Fund
Partnership For the Saginaw Bay Watershed Agency Endowment Fund
Partnership for the Saginaw Bay Watershed Endowment Fund
W. Henry & Greta K. Pendell Family Foundation Fund
Perceptions Saginaw Valley Scholarship
Edward F. Petzko Student Athlete Scholarship Fund
Pama Brantley-Phillips Scholarship Fund
Pit & Balcony Endowment Fund
Jerrold E. Potts Scholarship Fund
Princing Family Fund
Promise Neighborhoods
Public Libraries of Saginaw-Butman Fish Endowment Fund
Public Libraries of Saginaw-Claytor Endowment Fund
Public Libraries of Saginaw-Children’s Services Endowment Fund
Public Libraries of Saginaw-Eddy Endowment Fund
Public Libraries of Saginaw-Hoyt Endowment Fund
Public Libraries of Saginaw-Wickes Endowment Fund
Public Libraries of Saginaw-Zauel Endowment Fund
Public Libraries of Saginaw Foundation Fund
Carolyn Pugh Memorial Scholarship



Bud & Katherine Rae Aviation Scholarship Fund
READ Association Agency Endowment Fund
READ Association Endowment Fund
Jack & Connie Rehmann Family Fund
Sylvia and Kenneth ‘John’ Reimus Endowment

Harold & Bernadine Reiss Scholarship Fund
Riverfront Saginaw

George William Roe’s Pursuit of Hospitality Scholarship
George W. Romney Fund



Betty Sabeti Foundation for Global Humanitarian Advancement of Women & Children
Saginaw Area Foundation for Eyecare
Saginaw Area Health Care Administrators Scholarship Fund
Saginaw Art Museum Endowment Fund
Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy Foundation
Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy Athletic Booster Club
Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy
Saginaw Bay Underwriters Fund
Saginaw Black Nurses Association – Nell Kelly Scholarship Fund
Saginaw Choral Society Agency Endowment Fund
Saginaw Choral Society Endowment Fund
Saginaw Choral Society Joanne Robertson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Saginaw Community Arts Fund
Saginaw Community Foundation 25th Gift Fund
Saginaw Community Foundation Endowed General Scholarship Fund
Saginaw Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment Fund
Saginaw Community Foundation Unrestricted Trust Fund
Saginaw Community Mental Health Endowment Mental Health Fund I
Saginaw Community Mental Health Endowment Mental Health Fund II
Saginaw Conservation District Fund
Saginaw County Association of Retired School Personnel Scholarship Fund
Saginaw County Bar Association Fund
Saginaw County Chamber Foundation Endowment Fund
Saginaw Country Club Golf Scholarship Fund
Saginaw County Convention and Visitor Bureau Reserve Fund
Saginaw County Child Development Fund
Saginaw County Child Development Center Scholarship Fund
Saginaw County Parks Fund
Saginaw County’s Promise Endowment Fund
Saginaw County Veterans Memorial Plaza Endowment Fund
Saginaw County Youth FORCE Fund
Saginaw County Youth Protection Council – Agency Endowment Fund
Saginaw County Youth Protection Council Homeless Prevention
Saginaw County Youth Protection Council Endowment Fund
Saginaw Diabetes Fund

Saginaw Education Association Scholarship Fund
Saginaw Future Fund (Agency)
Saginaw Future Fund (Other)
Saginaw Hall of Fame Bean Bunny Agency
Saginaw Hall of Fame Bean Bunny Fund
Saginaw Harvest Table

Saginaw High School Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund
Saginaw High School Class of 2001

Saginaw Public Schools Endowment Fund
Saginaw River of Life Fund
Saginaw Scouting Outreach Program Fund
Saginaw Sees the Light
Saginaw Social Service Club, Norman D. Osborne Scholarship Fund
Saginaw Township Community Schools Foundation Fund
Saginaw Township Playscape Endowment Fund
Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services
Saginaw Valley Dancers
Saginaw Valley Ag Heritage Scholarship Fund
Saginaw Valley Regional 4C Endowment Fund
St. Charles Area Museum Endowment

St. Charles Community Schools Foundation Fund
St. Charles Community Schools Foundation Scholarship Fund
St. Charles Haunted House Association Scholarship

St. John’s Episcopal Church Fund
Susan J. Sauer Hospitality and Sports Management Scholarship
Ronald J. Schauman Trades Scholarship

Ron Schneider Fund
Schropp Family Fund

Raymond J. Schultz & Monica E. Schultz Fund
Louis R. & Helen E. Schwartz
SCLA Scholarship Fund
Kelvin W. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jerry L. Seese, Ed.D. Education Scholarship Fund
Senior Citizen Enrichment Fund
Shaheen Family Fund
William E. Shephard Band Scholarship Fund
Albert Smith Conservation Scholarship
Sherrill L. Smith Music Scholarship

Maynard L. Smith, Jr. Scholarship Endowment Trust
Daniel D. Smothers Memorial Scholarship
Margaret McKinley Snelling Family Fund
Sons of Italy Scholarship Fund
Paul C. & Anita M. Spadafore Family Scholarship
Evelyn Faye Spates Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clifford H. Spicer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Martin H. Stark Gift Annuity
Robert E. Stark & Martin H. Stark Foundation Fund
Charlotte Stenger Endowment Fund
Marion Stenger Endowment Fund
STCS Orchestra Program Endowment Fund
Martin H. Stark Gift Annuity 2
Stevens Family Foundation Fund
Glada G. Strobel Memorial Fund
Stu’s Crew
Fred R. Strutz Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nellie I. Kerry & Paul Sutherland Scholarship Fund
Julius & Irene Sutto Gift Annuity
SVSU Musical Artists in Residence Endowment Fund
Sucharitha Swamy and Minu P. Bhagat Charitable Fund

Swan Valley High School Scholarship Foundation Fund



Gerald J. & Joan B. Talbot Fund
Curtis R. & Donna R. Thayer Fund
Thomas Township Parks Fund
Ron Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles G. & Mary Straebel Thomas Family Fund
Thomas Township Library Endowment Fund
Pam Thompson Scholarship in Chemistry
Tiderington Family Fund
Robert and Charlotte Tiderington Gift Annuity
Thomas and Patricia Tilot Memorial Scholarship Fund
Tittabawassee Downtown Development Authority Health/Fitness

Tri-County Council NLUS Youth Program Fund
22nd Century Endowment Fund



Bud Umbach Fund
University of Michigan Alumni Club of Saginaw Endowment Fund
Underground Railroad Agency Endowment Fund
Underground Railroad Endowment Fund
United Way of Saginaw County Reserve Fund
United Way of Saginaw County Perpetual Donor Fund
United Way of Saginaw County Kresge Endowment Fund



Betty & Melvin VanOchten Team One Scholarship Fund
T. William Varney Gift Annuity
T. William Varney Gift Annuity 2
CAC/Robert L. Viera Community Service Scholarship Fund
Paul & Deanna Virciglio Education Fund
V.K. Volk Fund



Steve Wagner Scholarship Fund
Brandon Walker “BW” Memorial Scholarship
Akbar Waqf Foundation Fund
Thomas J. and Barbara J. Weadock Scholarship Fund
Carl H., Jr. and Sandra Werth Fund

Carl Werth, Sr. and Ruth Werth Memorial Fund
Westlund Child Guidance Clinic Agency Fund
Westlund Child Guidance Clinic Fund
Lisa Krukowski-Whalen Nursing Scholarship Fund
Kenneth M. White Fund
Harvey Randall Wickes Foundation Fund
Harvey Randall Wickes Donor Advised Fund II
David G. & Lois B. Wilkins Donor Advised Fund

Mary K. Williams Endowment Fund
Grace M. Williams and Mary K. Williams Scholarship Endowment
Marlin N. Wilson and Bertha H. Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Terrance Lavell Winters Scholarship

Women of Colors, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Bill Wolcott Memorial Fund
Wolf Family Foundation Fund
Wolohan Enterprises Inc. Fund



Junzo Yamamoto Japanese Tea House Fund
Yellow Dog Studios Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Richard D. Mudd YMCA Youth Fund
Clare Yost Memorial Scholarship
YWCA Fund for Women & Girls



Melvin L. & Hilda J. Zuehlke Fund




Last updated: October 5, 2016