Louis and Karen Constan Science Education Fund Grant 

The Louis and Karen Constan Science Education Fund grant program provides funding to Saginaw County Public Schools for creative, science-based solutions for teaching a concept or solving a problem. The project/program should be one not currently supported by school budgets.


Download an overview and application for the Louis and Karen Constan Science Education Fund Grant.

This grant will provide up to $500 for materials, expenses, or equipment to be used for hands-on experiments in or out of the classroom. The students will learn the elements of the Scientific Method including:

● Forming a hypothesis
● Designing an experiment to test the hypothesis
● Collecting and analyzing data
● Drawing conclusions
● Revising the hypothesis and evaluating the process


Eligibility Criteria

All Saginaw County Public School Pre K-12 science teachers with a major in a scientific subject are eligible to apply. While more than one application may be submitted, only one grant will be awarded per individual, per year.


Award Criteria

Applications are reviewed on a competitive basis by an advisory committee consisting of civic and community volunteers, scientists and science educators. All applications will be reviewed without the identity of the educator or their school. The advisory committee evaluates individual proposals based on:

● Number of students involved in and/or benefiting from the project
● Expected impact of the program
● Effectiveness of the activity or program
● Potential to improve student achievement and morale
● Cost-effectiveness
● Enhancement of the skills of teachers
● Potential for continuation and/or replication

Additional criteria used to evaluate the projects include the following:
● Educational objectives within the context of the Pre K–12th grade curriculum
● Implementation of the project, timetable and project budget
● Endorsement by the building principal

Finalists will be expected to deliver a 5-minute presentation about your project followed by a brief question and answer session.


Grant Amounts

The maximum grant award is $500.



● Application Deadline: Nov. 1, 2018

● Notification of Decision: Mid-December, 2018

● Project Implementation: Jan. 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019

● Final report Due: July 31, 2019


For more information, contact LeeAnn Martuch, program officer, at (989) 755-0545 or leeann@saginawfoundation.org.

Funds cannot be used for

> Facilities renovation

> Religious activities or teachings 

> Equipment that is not an integral part of the project

> Non-academic projects

> Trips out of this region

> Tuition for special classes

> “Bag of Books” projects

> Accelerated reading and math programs

> Sound systems or interactive whiteboards

Although equipment such as digital cameras, iPads/iPods and calculators, or field trips can be part of the proposal, the focus should be on the project itself and the impact it will have on students.