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January 21, 2014

The 2014 scholarship application deadline is fast approaching and we’ve been answering a lot of phone calls. If you have questions, check our FAQ page or give us a call at (989) 755-0545. The foundation is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (we’re even open through lunchtime). Our building is located at 1 Tuscola St., behind the Temple Theatre, in Downtown Saginaw.


Here’s what you need to include in your 2014 scholarship application submission:


1. Signed application form (15 pages printed off from the “View” section of the online application)


2. Applicant profile page


3. Current/most recent transcript


4. Two letters of recommendation


5. Financial assistance questionnaire with the supporting documentation (three options: completed 2013 IRS 1040 tax return; OR estimated 2013 IRS tax return and 2013 W2s; OR completed 2012 IRS 1040 tax return and 2012 W2s). Note that your W2 forms can be turned in after the deadline if they are not currently available.


6. Any special attachments (additional essays, audition tapes, religious activities, membership verification, etc.)


Submit electronically and as a hard copy

Don’t forget that you need to submit your application both electronically and as a hard copy. You can mail the hard copy to the foundation (must be postmarked by Feb. 1) or bring it by in person (by Jan. 31). If you bring it in person, we’ll sit down with you to make sure you have everything together.


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