Before you begin

It’s important to read the following before you begin your application. If you have additional questions, review our frequently asked questions or call the foundation at (989) 755-0545.


● Any pages not completed on the computer must be typed or printed in black ink.


● Complete the applicant profile and include it with your application. 


● Two people who are unrelated to you will need to submit recommendations on your behalf. Be certain to give these people plenty of time to write a recommendation. These letters must be signed and submitted with your completed application. Some scholarships require recommendations from specific persons. See the individual scholarship descriptions or the Special Attachment section of the application for more information.


● Request a copy of your most recent school transcript to submit with your application. Your transcript is different than your report card.


● Collect the IRS tax information needed to complete the Financial Assistance Questionnaire.


● Because your essay is a significant factor in your overall score, be sure to give it careful thought and editing. It is recommended that you draft your essay in another program, such as Microsoft Word, because the application does not have Spell Check. After you paste your essay in the application, check for formatting issues (such as tabs or indent).


● Include any required special attachments or membership verification information. See individual scholarship descriptions or the Special Attachment or Membership Verification section of the application form for more specific information.


● Be certain to answer all questions on the application. This information is required.


● Applications must be submitted both online and as a hard copy by Feb. 1, 2014. To submit your application online, click “Submit My Data” on the Finish screen in eGRANT. You also must print and sign a copy of your application and all attachments. To print, use the “View” button on eGRANT’s main menu. The printed application and attachments can be mailed to the foundation or dropped off. Recommendation letters may be sent separately.