Cornerstone Club 2014




Saginaw County is a bootstraps community. We work together to get a job done.


We’re a community of doers. We don’t shy away from challenges. It’s part of our character. It’s who we are.


Today’s challenges may seem “too large” or “too difficult” to overcome. At Saginaw Community Foundation, we believe the opposite. We believe anything is possible and that’s why we created the Lucy R. Allen Cornerstone Club. It’s a way for leaders, like you, to make a difference and pave the way for so many good things to happen in Saginaw County.


When you give a gift to the Cornerstone Club, your gift becomes an investment. One that is pooled with many others to deliver maximum results. Your investment says “Yes, together we can make good things happen here in Saginaw County.”


Your leadership is needed now to help strengthen a community we are all proud of.


Keep it local. Create a sustainable future.

You have an opportunity to make an impact here in Saginaw County. By contributing locally, your generous gift stays local and will allow Saginaw Community Foundation to: • ensure our long-term sustainability by growing the Foundation’s administrative endowment; • provide strategic leadership in our community; • practice mission-driven impactful grantmaking to meet our community’s challenges; • practice stewardship of our resources, both human and financial.


When we work together, amazing things can happen. Your community needs your support now more than ever. Donate now securely online or download a contribution form (PDF) and return via mail by Wednesday, December 31. It’s time to pull up your bootstraps and make a lasting impact. For good. For ever.





Thanks to our amazing donors