Scholarships available for Career and Technical Education

Dreaming of a career in welding? Maybe managing your own auto mechanics garage fuels your thoughts or you would love to become an electrician. Perhaps studying to become a chef in a culinary arts program suits your tastes.


No matter what your career path may be, there is little doubt that in recent years interest in Career and Technical Education (CTE) has grown. The increased need for workers skilled in the trades has resulted in larger numbers of students seeking out CTE programs.


Schools offering CTE encompass a wide variety of hands-on education, from HVAC to carpentry to cosmetology. In the past, financial assistance has been hard to come by for these areas of study, but that is no longer the case. Saginaw Community Foundation has several scholarship opportunities for those who have the desire to pursue CTE.


According to leading economists, not everyone needs a four-year degree. In fact, millions of good-paying jobs are opening up in the trades. And some pay better than what the average college graduate makes.


For aspiring welders, electricians, carpenters, and other valued skilled trade workers, there is great opportunity to take advantage of tailored CTE programs. The demand is massive as an estimated 3 million trade jobs in the United States remain vacant.


Our CTE scholarship awards range between $500 – $4,000 typically.


Our online scholarship application opens on Dec. 3, 2021. A single application is all that is required to potentially qualify for any of our 235+ scholarships. Applications are due Feb. 15, 2022. Visit our scholarship page for more information or contact Channing McKay, program officer, at (989) 755-0545 or via email.






Career and Technical Education scholarship opportunities

Scroll through this listing of CTE scholarship opportunities available here at Saginaw Community Foundation. Click on the scholarship name to view more information about the scholarship including qualifications and evaluation criteria.



Against the Odds – Jasper Curell Memorial Scholarship
Rev. William D. Aldridge
Nels Andersen
Arthur Hill High School
Rev. Dr. Roosevelt and Dr. Nurame Austin, Sr. Scholarship
Bernice Barlow NAACP
Pat Brady Community Service Scholarship
Marvin and Janice Brandle Scholarship
Charles F. and Edith E. Brunkow Memorial
Can-Amera Games
Carrollton Education Foundation – Carrollton Community
Carrollton Education Foundation – Nancy Wilma Dalton
Carrollton Education Foundation – Max Fisher Memorial
Carrollton Education Foundation – Nancy Hirshman Academic Excellence
Carrollton Education Foundation – Morley Foundation
Circle Michigan Foundation
Cody and Zach Skilled Trades Scholarship
Paul L. Dawkins Sports Memorial
Donald Stuart Corsaut Memorial
Frances DiMercurio Memorial
Alma Gilmore Doud Memorial
Jordan M. Draper Memorial
Dr. Louis G. Economou Memorial Scholarship
First Ward – Mark Neumeier Success Scholarship
Flegenheimer Family
Jack Foote Memorial
Freeland Sports Zone Trades Scholarship
Emma Jean Frierson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Michael R. Gall Memorial
GLE Precision Skilled Trades Scholarship
John and Florence Goll Scholarship
Guadalupe “Lupe” Gomez Memorial
Anthony S. Gonzales Memorial Scholarship
Great Lakes Safety Training Center
Emily Marie Hahn Memorial Scholarship
Frank and Jean Harris
Judith Heavenrich
Clarence A. “Buck” Iles
Junior League of Saginaw Valley
Awesome April Kade Scholarship
Mildred Culbert Kelly & Fred W. Kelly – Nontraditional
Mildred Culbert Kelly & Fred W. Kelly – Traditional
James P. Konieczka Memorial
Kostrzewa-Sivey Nursing
Tom Krzyzaniak – Automotive
Tom Krzyzaniak – Business
Glenn Mayer Memorial Scholarships
Ken and Ellen McAllister
Judge Gary R. McDonald Memorial
Lee Essie and Charlie McMillan, Jr. – Active/Inactive Military and Military Veteran
Lee Essie and Charlie McMillan, Jr. – Medical
Lee Essie and Charlie McMillan, Jr. – Music
Lee Essie and Charlie McMillan, Jr. – Cosmetology
Arthur F. Menapace Scholarship
Kathryn E. Menapace Scholarship
A.C. “Kate” & Leo Joseph Merlone – St. Dominic Catholic Church of Saginaw Member Scholarship
Michigan Sugar Company Employee
Dennis A. Miner Scholarship
Nexteer Automotive Skilled Trade
Omega Psi Phi – Jesse Johnson
Dr. Raquel Ontiveros Memorial
Thomas P. Orr
Our Littlest Angels – Callie M. Wilson Memorial
Harold and Bernadine Reiss
Saginaw Community Foundation – Collaborative
Saginaw Promise Zone
Saginaw Township Business Association – Thomas W. McDonald, Sr.
Ronald J. Schauman Trades Scholarship
Shields Men’s Club Scholarship
Bernie Smillie Memorial – Freeland High School Graduate
Bernie Smillie Memorial – HVARC Program at Ferris State University
Bernie Smillie Memorial – Michigan Resident
Albert Smith Conservation
Sons of Italy
Matthew Jay Thon Memorial Scholarship
Daniel Jon Thurlow Memorial Scholarship
Tiderington Family
Thomas S. and Patricia A. Tilot Memorial
Arthur, Betty, and Timothy Trumble Memorial Scholarship
Casting Your Future – UAW Local 668
Village of the Living Dead Kenneth Fulton Memorial Scholarship
Thomas J. and Barbara J. Weadock Scholarship
Mary K. and Grace Feahr Williams
Women of Colors, Inc.
Claire Yost Memorial