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CTE Scholarships

Career and Technical Education Scholarship Opportunities

Dreaming of a career in a skilled trade? We’re here to help. We have over 70 scholarship opportunities for Career and Technical Education (CTE) training. Learn more.



$30,000 Grant Opportunity

Community Improvement Initiative Grant Opportunity

A Community Improvement Initiative Grant, a competitive grant program, will award up to $30,000 to a single project in June 2019. Learn more about this grant and how to apply. Applications are due April 1.


Annual Report

15-percent donation

Read about all the amazing things happening across Saginaw County in our 2017 Annual Report.


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To provide direct support to Saginaw Community Foundation, please search for and select the Lucy R. Allen Cornerstone Fund, which is our administrative endowment.


Mission-driven to serve your community

Founded in 1984, the Saginaw Community Foundation is mission-driven to improve the quality of life in Saginaw County by linking donor interests with the community’s most pressing needs and promising opportunities. The foundation serves three important constituencies:

  Our donors who want to make a difference

  The nonprofit organizations in our region that provide essential services
and programs

  The individual communities within Saginaw County


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