For Advisors

Helping you better serve your clients

As a professional advisor, you can look to the Saginaw Community Foundation as an expert in philanthropy. Local attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, brokers, insurance agents and other professional advisors turn to SCF to help enrich the charitable giving strategies of their clients because of our free services and our library of advisor resources

The foundation also can serve as a vehicle for giving. When your clients give through SCF, we provide them time and resources for evaluating potential grant recipients, as well as the ability to give to multiple charities with a single gift.

High Standards

Meeting the nation’s highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity and accountability, the foundation can provide technical information on a range of planned giving options.

A Neutral Expert

With our broad knowledge of philanthropy, we help advisors provide their clients with the best charitable giving strategies based on each client’s unique financial situation, tax status and giving goals – from executing gifts of real estate to establishing Donor Advised Fund

Knowledge of the community

SCF has in-depth information on Saginaw County’s needs, nonprofit organizations and collaborative efforts. We can provide information on the programs and agencies that are working effectively in the specific arenas that interest your clients.