Together We Can Achieve More

Is your business investing into Saginaw? Investments aren’t only for financial gain after all. They can be used to uplift nearly every aspect of our community. When local businesses partner with us, we can find exactly where your contributions will have the biggest impact in Saginaw.

Our Board of Directors have set aside 2% of our unrestricted assets to invest in promising local opportunities that promote our mission across Saginaw County. For example, potential Impact Investment opportunities that the Foundation may consider are:

  • Economic development
  • Job growth
  • Affordable housing
  • Financial security for vulnerable families
  • Education
  • Food security
  • Sustaining our environment

It is our hope and expectation that our investments can generate a return for the Foundation over a period of time. Read our Policy on Investing for Community Impact (PDF) for complete details.

Would You Like to Apply for Impact Investing?

Organizations or individuals with potential opportunities or current projects with an interest in seeking investments from Saginaw Community Foundation should submit a Letter of Interest. The letter should contain the following:

  • Contact information
  • Brief project overview including proposed project title and timeline
  • Statement of the need and the expected social impact of the project
  • Investment request with amount, proposed terms (loan or equity position), and use of the funds
  • Total project budget or amount being raised
  • Other key investors/partners in the project

Upon review of Letters of Interest, the Investment Committee will determine the viability of the proposal. If the project is deemed acceptable by the Investment Committee, an Implementation Committee for the proposed project will be created.

Letters of Interest should be submitted by either:

  • Online submission to Lori TenEyck, Director of Finance.
  • Mailed to Saginaw Community Foundation, 1 Tuscola St., Suite 100B, Saginaw, MI 48607.

For more information on our Impact Investing initiative, contact Lori TenEyck at (989) 755-0545 or via email.

Send Us Your Letter of Interest