Grants for Excellence

Grants for Excellence

The Grants for Excellence program provides funding to Saginaw County educators for creative educational projects outside of traditional school budgets. Our desired outcomes of this program include: 



• Engaging programming for all learning styles

• Growth in understanding of subject matter

• Increases in curiosity and meaningful participation 

• Confidence in learning ability



• Develop and share innovative teaching methods

• Foster exciting classroom environments

• Inspire professional development and growth


Eligibility Criteria

All Saginaw County P-12 educators are eligible to apply. While more than one application may be submitted, only one grant will be awarded per individual, per year.


Review Criteria

Applications are reviewed on a competitive basis by an advisory committee. Grants for Excellence proposals are evaluated on a number of criteria; including, but not limited to:

• Number of students impacted from the project

• Educational objectives supplement the P-12 curriculum

• Potential to improve students’ understanding of core concepts

• Potential for continuation and/or replication of the project in future school years

• Enhancement of the skills and/or resources for educators


Discouraged Requests

There are many needs of educators; however, due to limited funding the following components are discouraged unless they are vital for the success of the project:

• Basic technology assets (i.e. computers, tablets, audio and video equipment, etc.)

• Field trips

• Tuition or similar program fees

• Renovation of facilities (never permitted for funding)

• Religion-based activities and teachings (never permitted for funding)



Grantees are required to provide a written report to the Saginaw Community Foundation at the conclusion of their project, no later than July 1, 2023. A copy of the evaluation form will be provided to the grant recipient.


Additionally, Grantees may be requested to present their project to the advisory committee in the month of April following their grant award. This activity is to help the committee connect with educators and improve this program moving forward.


Grant Amounts

The maximum grant award is $1,500.



● Application Deadline: Oct. 1, 2022

● Notification of Decision: Oct. 2022

● Project Implementation: 2022-23 school calendar year


For more information, contact Chamika Ford, program officer, at (989) 755-0545 or

How to Apply

Download an overview and draft application for the Grants for Excellence program. Before submitting a grant application, applicants must contact Chamika Ford, program officer, at (989) 755-0545 or to receive a grant number and an application



Idea Starters

> Cross-curriculum programs

> School-wide projects

> Creative use of common teaching aids

> Approaching curriculum from an imaginative angle

> Tying nontraditional concepts together for the purpose of illustrating commonalities



Funds Cannot Be Used For

> Facilities renovation

> Religious activities or teachings 

> Equipment that is not an integral part of the project

> Non-academic projects

> Trips out of this region

> Tuition for special classes

> “Bag of Books” projects

> Accelerated reading and math programs

> Sound systems or interactive whiteboards

Although equipment such as digital cameras, iPads/iPods and calculators, or field trips can be part of the proposal, the focus should be on the project itself and the impact it will have on students.