June 26, 2015

Helping Children

Helping Children

GRANTEE: CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region    
AMOUNT: $50,000

W-CAN-CouncilCrammed onto a corner lot in the City of Saginaw, the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region occupied an undersized office building and a centuries-old two-story house separated by a small parking lot. The buildings lacked adequate security and privacy for families and children dealing with the tragedies of child abuse. Something needed to be done.

Seeds were planted nearly four years ago as the CAN Council explored building a new, single modern facility at their current site. A building that would contain private and secure interview and medical exam rooms, dedicated observation rooms, space for trainings and classes and expanded office space for a staff that has grown to over 23 employees.

With a price tag approaching $2.7 million, many in the community felt the amount to raise “was too much.”

A smaller building with fewer amenities was suggested. Suzanne Greenberg, president and CEO of the CAN Council, believed otherwise – what some were calling impossible was possible.

Suzanne turned to SCF. “Early on, the community foundation became an advisor when our new building was just an idea,” said Greenberg. “SCF helped us strategize our capital campaign and later, the level of funding we could seek via a grant.”

In our largest grant of 2014 of $50,000, we joined countless other supporters, comprised of individuals, corporations and other foundations, helping contribute a total of $3.4 million. “We are proud of the work we do serving children,” said Greenberg. “There were many pieces to the puzzle and the community foundation served a critical role in making our dream come to life.”