July 25, 2012

Judith Heavenrich Memorial Scholarship

Judith Heavenrich was born on Feb. 2, 1939, the oldest of three children born to Max and Ruth Heavenrich. As a young child Judith was stricken with polio but she never let that keep her from doing the activities she enjoyed most. 

Judith attended South Middle School and graduated from Arthur Hill High School in 1957. She then went on to college at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and then to the University of California – Berkley. While living in California she would often toss a few essentials and a sleeping bag into her car, drive to the Redwood National Forest and sleep out under the stars and the giant Redwood trees.

In 1980, Judy returned to Saginaw and worked as a counselor at the Millet Learning Center until she was involved in a car accident in 1982 and lost the use of her legs. Even from her wheelchair she remained very involved in local environmental concerns and was the contact person for the local recycling program. She loved art, classical music, nature, outdoors and gardening. Judith passed away in 2004 and left behind many family and friends.

This scholarship was established to assist single, low-income mothers return to school to earn a degree or trade.


  • Saginaw County resident
  • Female
  • Single, low-income mother
  • Non-traditional student (out of high school for at least six months with no academic experience or out of college for two consecutive semesters or more before returning to school)
  • Pursuing an associates or undergraduate degree or Career and Technical Education (CTE) training 
  • Part- or full-time enrollment 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Financial need (50)
  • Essay (20)
  • Work experience (20)
  • Recommendations (10)

Special Attachment Required

Please refer to the online scholarship application for more information.