August 2, 2016

Village of the Living Dead Kenneth Fulton Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth Fulton was a member of the St. Charles Haunted House since its very beginning in 1985 until his passing at the haunted house in 1998. He volunteered and also brought along with him his kids and brothers to volunteer as well. Ken was a quiet gentle man that loved what the haunted house stood for and who it was all about – the kids. His favorite character to play was Michael Myers. He was tall and quiet and was able to scare the patrons with his eerie silence. He loved the members of the haunted house as his own family. He is greatly missed and would be so proud to be a part of this scholarship.  


  • Part- or full-time enrollment
  • Pursuing undergraduate or graduate degree or Career and Technical Education (CTE) training
  • Financial need

Evaluation Criteria

  • Community service (50)
  • Financial need (25)
  • Letters of recommendation from two volunteer organizations (13)
  • Extracurricular/school activities (12)