October 11, 2012

Saginaw Promise Zone Scholarship

Saginaw Promise – investing in the future of Saginaw and the lives of its students through a postsecondary education scholarship. The Saginaw Promise is an economic initiative formed through the Michigan Promise Zone Authority Act, enacted in 2009. The Saginaw Promise mission is to affect Saginaw’s economy and quality of life by promoting and supporting postsecondary education for all of Saginaw’s graduating students through information, programming, and a residence-based, last-dollar scholarship. Students eligible to apply must live in and graduate from a high school in the Saginaw Promise Zone consisting of the geographic boundaries of the Saginaw Public School District (City of Saginaw, City of Zilwaukee, Kochville Township and the area of Buena Vista Township designated to the Saginaw Public School District). The Saginaw Promise’s goal is for all of Saginaw’s graduating students to earn a program certificate or degree from a technical or trade school, community college or university in the state of Michigan. The scholarship funds tuition and mandatory fees that are not covered by federal, state, private, or other grants or scholarships.


  • Student, their parents and/or legal guardians, must reside within the boundaries of the Saginaw School District which includes the City of Saginaw, the City of Zilwaukee, Buena Vista Township, and Kochville Township 
  • Graduating seniors from an accredited high school within the Promise Zone (SASA, Saginaw United High School and Michigan Lutheran Seminary)
  • Must have attended schools within the Promise Zone and resided within the Promise Zone for at least three continuous years, with the final year being 12th grade
  • Must be admitted and enrolled at an accredited, public or private post-secondary college or university within the State of Michigan
  • Must be enrolled in a program leading to a degree or certification

Evaluation Criteria

Not applicable  

Special Attachment Required

Please refer to the online scholarship application for more information