Saginaw Promise Scholarship


Saginaw Promise Scholarship

Saginaw PromiseThe Saginaw Promise Scholarship is designed to serve as a catalyst for economic development by retaining and attracting families and business to the region. The Promise is a post-secondary scholarship for all qualifying students who reside and attend school within the boundaries of the Saginaw Public School District.


Eligible Saginaw Promise Zone graduates who meet the Saginaw Promise Scholarship criteria will receive funding for tuition necessary to obtain a two-year associate degree (or its equivalent) at any community college or accredited trade or vocational school in the State of Michigan. The Saginaw Promise Zone also will award scholarships – in an amount to be determined by the Saginaw Promise Zone Authority annually upon review of funding available – to eligible students who enroll in other higher education institutions located in the State of Michigan in pursuit of a four-year undergraduate degree.


Who is eligible?

To qualify for a Saginaw Promise scholarship, students must meet all of the following criteria:


  • •Students along with their parents and/or legal guardians must reside within the boundaries of the Saginaw Public School District. The boundary includes the City of Saginaw, the City of Zilwuakee, Kochville Township and students residing in the geographic boundaries of Buena Vista Township designated to the Saginaw Public School District

  • • Attend school within the Saginaw Promise Zone and reside within the Promise Zone for at least three continuous years, with the final year being 12th grade

  • • Be admitted and enrolled at an accredited, public or private, post-secondary college or university within the State of Michigan 

  • • Be enrolled in a program leading to a degree or certificate 

Determining your scholarship

The Saginaw Promise Scholarship is pro-rated based on the number of years the student, along with their custodial parent(s) or guardian(s), have resided in the Saginaw Promise Zone. The student also must have attended school within the Saginaw Promise Zone boundaries. The following sliding scale will be used to determine the percentage of tuition paid:


Time in district Percentage of tuition paid
K-12 through 6-12 100%
7-12 80%
8-12 75%
9-12 65%
10-12 25%
11-12 0%
12 only 0%
GED 10%



To learn more, read the Saginaw Promise Scholarship FAQ, or visit the Saginaw Promise website.





“I have four children attending Saginaw Public Schools and we spend every night after homework thinking about the colleges each of them wants to attend. My first child will graduate in five years and I can now save for the other thing’s he’ll need in college.”
-Arnetta Turner, Saginaw Public School parent



“I live in the City of Saginaw, my business is in the City of Saginaw and I believe in the City of Saginaw. The Saginaw Promise Zone is and excellent resource to revitalize the City of Saginaw.”
-Richard Garber, Garber Automotive Group


“It’s encouraging and visionary that is would be those invested in education who would partner with those invested in commerce to create something that would shift the fortunes of so many in the City of Saginaw. The Saginaw Promise Zone changes the paradigm of the city’s children. Forever.”
-Rev. Hurley J. Coleman, Jr.