Daniel J. Alcock Scholarship

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October 12, 2018

Dan Alcock has been a tremendous asset to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for his entire career until his passing in Feb. 2018. Dan’s intelligence in the electrical trade, his never-ending ambition, and his selfless spirit made him a mentor for many. Dan and his wife Linda were married for 41 years and proudly raised three children —all of whom acquired Dan’s admirable work ethic and motivation to help serve the community as he did. Dan would have wanted nothing more than to assist others in the pursuit of making a better living for themselves as he did.   


● Minimum GPA 3.0
● Pursuing an undergraduate degree
● Membership requirement: Current or retired member (parent, grandparent, or legal guardian) of IBEW 557 

● Part- or full-time enrollment    

Evaluation Criteria

Community service (20); essay on career goals (20); financial need (20); letters of recommendation (20); extracirricular/school activities (10); overall involvement (10)


Membership Requirements

Please provide membership information on the “Membership” tab of the online scholarship.





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