Required Forms for All Scholarship Recipients


Scholarship Information Form


This form details when and where to send the funds. Payment will be made directly to the school, in your name, prior to the start of the semester. Should your total scholarships exceed the cost of your tuition and fees, then this scholarship may be reduced to the extent of your total need. If you agree to these conditions, please complete and return by June 21, 2021.




Financial Information Form


This form is to ensure that the school will not reduce any grant aid previously offered to you, unless the reduction is required by federal or state law. Please complete the top section of this form and forward to the college or university you will be attending. Depending on the policies of your school, the financial aid office will complete and either return the form to the Saginaw Community Foundation(SCF), or they will return it to you to send back to SCF. This form is required to process your award.





Required Scholarship Agreement Forms for Individual Scholarships


These forms detail the specific requirements of the scholarship award. Please locate the specific Scholarship Agreement Form for your award(s) below in the list alphabetized by scholarship fund name (under last name if scholarship name is named for an individual). Please complete and return the form by June 21, 2021.


Note: If receiving multiple scholarship awards, complete an agreement form for each scholarship awarded.


All forms are being provided as fillable PDF forms and must be downloaded on a computer and opened in Adobe Acrobat in order to submit. Mobile devices (phone and tablet) are not supported. If you are unable to download and complete any of the required forms, or have any questions, please contact Channing McKay, program officer, at or (989) 755-0545, ext. 209.




Saginaw Promise Zone Scholarship Recipients must complete all three forms listed below:


Saginaw Promise Zone Authority Scholarship Agreement Form 21-22


Saginaw Promise Zone Authorization to Release Educational Records Form