Saginaw Promise Scholarship FAQ



Saginaw Promise Scholarship FAQ

How is the Saginaw Promise Scholarship funded?

The Saginaw Promise Scholarship is designed to become self-funded. Initial funding will be raised through private gifts. Legislation allows the Promise Zone Authority to recapture half of the increase in State Education Tax.



What are the residency requirements?

Students along with their parents and/or legal guardians must reside within the boundaries of the Saginaw Public School District. The boundary includes the City of Saginaw, the City of Zilwuakee, Kochville Township and students residing in the geographic boundaries of Buena Vista Township designated to the Saginaw Public School District.



What percentage of tuition and mandatory fees will be paid?

The amount of the Saginaw Promise Scholarship will be pro-rated based upon the number of years of attendance at a school within the Saginaw Public School District. The Saginaw Promise Scholarship covers tuition and mandatory fees. It does not cover room and board.



What post-secondary schools can Saginaw Promise Scholarship recipients attend?

Eligible post-secondary schools include any accredited public or private college, community college or vocational school. Funding for private colleges will be capped at the cost of a state university. Students must meet the application and academic requirements of the educational institution they choose to attend.



Can Saginaw Promise Scholarship Recipients receive other scholarships or financial aid?

Yes. The Saginaw Promise Scholarship is designed to be a “last dollar” scholarship used to cover tuition and other mandatory fees not covered by federal, state, private or other grants or scholarships.


Students are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually and must accept all federal and/or state aid. Promise funds will be applied after government grants and scholarships. In addition, eligible students must complete a Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) application.



How much funding will a Saginaw Promise Scholarship recipient expect to receive?

The Saginaw Promise Zone has a goal to raise the necessary funds for tuition necessary to obtain a two-year associate degree (or its equivalent) at any community college or accredited trade or vocational school located in the State of Michigan at a cost equal to the tuition costs for an associate’s degree at Delta College. The Saginaw Promise Zone also will award scholarships – in an amount to be determined by the Saginaw Promise Zone Authority annually upon review of funding available – to eligible students who enroll in other higher education institutions located in the State of Michigan in pursuit of a four-year undergraduate degree.


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