February 1, 2019

Against the Odds – The Jasper Curell Memorial Scholarship

Jasper Curell was not your typical 16-year-old. His 4.0 grade point average, young college enrollment, 98% national percentile on his PSAT test and an invitation to Harvard’s “Future Doctors of America” were impressive, but did not define who he was.

Jasper, although all the above, was known for his kind heart, love toward fellow humans, generosity, consideration, compassion for the underdog, and willingness to help anyone. He was positive, upbeat, charming, full of charisma and life – an example to us all.

No one knew about his hopelessness – until he chose to end his life.

Although a brilliant young man, Jasper showed us all the meaning of being a humanitarian. He set the bar high and will always be remembered for his love and service.

A scholarship in his honor will offer a Swan Valley High School student an opportunity to advance their future – a future of their choosing. The recipient will be someone who displays compassion, kindness, service, support, and volunteerism as well as someone who shows true character despite troubles. After all, grades are not everything.  


  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Graduating high school senior from Swan Valley High School residing in James, Saginaw, or Thomas Township
  • Part- or full-time enrollment (part-time enrollment only if employed)
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree or Career and Technical Education (CTE) training
  • Financial need 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Overall involvement (50)
  • Special essay (25)
  • Financial need (10)
  • Letters of recommendation (5)
  • Awards and honors (2)
  • Community service (2)
  • Work experience (2)
  • Extracurricular/school activities (2)