March 8, 2019

Patricia Rennert Memorial Scholarship

Patricia Rennert was an elementary teacher in Saginaw Township Community Schools for 33 years. She began teaching at Hemmeter Elementary School and finished her teaching career at Arrowwood Elementary School, retiring in 1991. Miss Rennert was an avid reader and shared that love with her students through read-alouds and book recommendations. She was a great conversationalist and always enjoyed meeting up with former students to learn about their lives and hear their stories. 


  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Graduates of Heritage High School or Mackinaw High School
  • Part- or full-time enrollment
  • Attending any college or university in Michigan
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree in any Early Childhood Education–12th Grade teacher education program
  • Financial need
  • Must be at least a college sophomore at the time of application

Evaluation Criteria

  • Leadership (30)
  • Academic performance (30)
  • Overall involvement (30)
  • Financial need (10)