A. Wlock and E. Woodruff Scholarship

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October 18, 2022

The A. Wlock and E. Woodruff Scholarship was created by Emilee Woodruff and Autumn Wlock’s family and the W2 Foundation in loving memory of Emilee and Autumn. Emilee and Autumn passed away in February 2020 when a fire destroyed their home. Emilee was diagnosed with epilepsy as a preteen. Autumn was Emilee’s first child and love of her life. Emilee was a great mother and Autumn was a happy baby. This scholarship is aimed to help students attend college that have been affected by a fire or who have been diagnosed with epilepsy.



• Minimum 3.0 GPA
• Graduating senior from any Saginaw County high school
• Resident of Saginaw County
• Part- or full-time enrollment
• Pursuing an associate or undergraduate degree
• Financial need
• Preference given to applicants with epilepsy or effected by fire
• Certifying Statement is required


Evaluation Criteria

Financial need, academic performance, extracurricular/school activities, overall involvement, letters of recommendation

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